frequently asked questions

QUESTION: What's an augmented cinema experience?


ANSWER: WILLY WONKY is an immersive parody, with commentary, jokes, and facts showing up pop-up video style to make you laugh and tickle your perspective. We also have prompts for the audience as a whole to speak along with, such as suggested moments to "Boooo!" our villain!

Additionally, fun and silly theatrics such as lighting, lasers, bubbles, scents, etc. are utilized when appropriate to enhance the moment!





QUESTION: It also comes with interactive goodie bags? What's that mean?

ANSWER: Your ticket comes with a goodie bag at the door filled with treats and toys to help you celebrate the experience's special moments in order!


Use the bag as you chose OR follow our pop-up directions to interact with the goodies as an audience. (For example, a wedding moment could prompt the audience to throw the provided rice in their goodie bags!)


QUESTION: Is this an event for children? 

ANSWER: Although WILLY WONKY is an adult event (well, not an "adult" event, but a new experience created with grownups in mind), it is appropriate for many. Consider it PG-13 as it's an irreverent time!

QUESTION: Is this like a Rocky Horror Night?

ANSWER: We like to think of our screenings as "Interactive for Introverts." You can attend WILLY WONKY knowing you will not be singled out to perform/assist/play a game/banter with a host.

Our cast members do not interact with the audience past tossing candy or dispersing bubbles from the aisles.

QUESTION: When and Where?

ANSWER: WILLY WONKY plays November 4th at historic cinema

The Balboa Theatre, located at 3630 Balboa Street, SF, CA 92141.

It is two blocks from the muni 38 bus, and there is plentiful and FREE

street parking starting at 6pm. The Balboa boasts a new parklet as

well as beer and wine to enjoy a drink in the historic cinema.

Nearby restaurants and bars have a variety of food and drink

options to help you have fun before and after the show!

QUESTION: How much is a ticket?

ANSWER: Tickets (with the included goodie bag of candy and

toys that help you follow along) are only $20.00!



WILLY WONKY is an original

augmented cinema experience

with FREE parade-style tossed candy,

disco lights, lasers, bubbles, voluntary

audience callbacks, FREE interactive goodie

bags with toys and candy, pop up fun facts/commentary, and more!


Grab your friends and come have a sweet time!